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Deepwood Industries provides full service subcontracting in a variety of areas. We have been successful for over 50 years by sticking by our 7 core beliefs: Quality, Reliability, Cost Effectiveness, On-time Delivery, Flexibility, Communication, and Diversity. Our in-house staff is flexible and adaptive to your industry. Their knowledge of industry practices allows them to provide quicker turnaround with a higher quality result

Light Assembly

From small components to mid size products, our assembly team is precise, accurate and timely. By charging by the piece, you are able to control your costs better

Bulk Mailing

Whether it is for bulk coupon mailers, political campaigns, or small to mid-size businesses, you will find our mailing services very efficient and cost effective.

We specialize in:

  • 500-100,000 pieces
  • Sorting
  • labeling
  • stuffing postal forms
  • Quality and Accuracy

We can sort and assemble printed component sequences, parts bundling, kitting and order fulfillment.

Heat Sealing

We have state of the art machinery for heat sealing most small to mid-size bag items.


All products, from bulk mailing, to assembly to wrapping and prep are inspected for quality, correct quantity, as well as damage and quality assurance.


Our facility has the ability to package, label, pack and ship anywhere in the world. Prices are by the piece, not the hour, allowing your company the ability to accurately predict labor costs.

Document Scanning

Looking to convert your files to electronic in the digital age? Deepwood industries can scan your sensitive and everyday documents with secure, confidential services that are orderly and efficient.


Do you have files that are outdated or are electronically uploaded and scanned? Save space by allowing us to shred your old files and keep your data secure at the same time.


Through our bulk mailing and collating service, we off sorting of mailers, bulk items, and material. We can sort packages, individual pieces or other items.

Shrink Wrapping

We shrink wrap pallets, cargo, and prep for shipping all over the world. We can wrap individual packages or prepare them in bulk for larger container shipment.

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