Community Employment Services

In 1986 the supported employment program – currently known as Community Employment Services was formed by a committee of County Board employees. These employees also provided services to individuals in the sheltered workshop. Funding came from a grant through the Rehabilitation Services Commission of Ohio to purchase vehicles and provide funding for staff to support the employment of 20 individuals in community work settings.


CES’s mission is based on 8 components: Win-Win, Integrity, Teamwork, Creativity, Customers, Commitment, Trust and Communication. CES currently partners with over 40 local businesses to provide enclave or community based employment to more than 90 disabled adults.


CES provides training to its workers in social and employment skills, including customer service, hygiene, verbal and non-verbal communication, and interviewing skills. This adds value to its services and shows its continued commitment to the community and its business partners to provide the best employee/employer experience.

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